Fees are payable in advance either weekly or monthly. The most convenient method of payment is by direct debit, standing order or by cheque. Payments can also be made credit/debit cards.


Fees are payable in full for weeks shortened by Bank Holidays. There is no reduction for any part of the week that your child is absent for sickness or any other reason. We allow two weeks per year at half price for holidays. This is already discounted in calculating monthly fees.


Fees that are late by ten days from their due date will incur a 10% late payment surcharge.


The fees charged cover the cost of meals and snacks. Details of fees are included on a separate sheet together with our application form and the nursery regulations.

When your child is three or over, we are able to claim a Nursery Education Grant on your behalf which results in a significant reduction in fees. This is available to all children as long as they do not attend any other nursery at the same time. Please ask for details if you have any queries.