Russell Nursery School

Russell Nursery School was established in 1987.
The current General information about our nursery:

  • - Registered for 116 children aged from 0 - 8 years.
  • - Open from 7.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.
  • - Nursery Education Grants for 3 and 4 year olds.
  • - Qualified teacher on the staff.
  • - Early years curriculum for all ages.
  • - Computer access for all children.
  • - Interactive Whiteboard for children.
  • - Out of school care for children of primary school age.

In our Baby Unit children have opportunities to explore their expanding world in the environments of four different rooms. These are matched to their interests and stages of development.Two rooms on the first floor are designed for 0-12 month senses and encourage their curiosity.
The rooms on the ground floor focus on the particular interests of the 12-15 month old babies as they become more mobile and self confident. Soft play, sand and water play are favourite activities although the children also enjoy books, dancing and singing familiar songs and rhymes.


Meal times are lots of fun and represent an important social occasion for children and staff.
The children have access to their own outside play area with Safety Flooring as well as the main playground and garden.
Parents provide us with a lot of information about their children's personalities, interests, favourite toys, sleeping patterns and dietary needs. We use The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum as a basis for planning a programme for our youngest children which is varied and flexible and which also fits in with familiar routines already established at home.
In addition to our Parents' Evenings we place great importance on daily discussions with parents to reflect on the day's events. We keep a written record of every child's day which is given to parents to take home with them.

We are on the first floor of the main building in a unit which is specially designed for toddlers between the ages of 15 months and two and half years.

The unit is split into two contrasting areas which provide a range of activities for the children.
The Early Years Foundation Stage is followed when are gaining in confidence, have lots of energy and are very mobile. We like to make learning fun by planning a variety of learning experiences to keep pace with their interests and rapidly developing skills. These activities include cooking, dancing, making music, painting and soft play. Facilities are provided to aid toilet training.We are particularly proud of our New ‘ Sensory Room ’ which is used for stimulating and encouraging imagination and exploration.


We work closely with parents/carers and take the opportunity to involve them in the development of our planning and the organisation of activities.

In addition to daily communication with parents/carers we share our observations and records regarding children's progress and development at Parents' Evenings which are held every term.
We play outside as often as we can in the garden as well as the playground. The playground has safety flooring and also a Canopy to allow children to come out in all weather. The playground is well equipped for various childrens activities for example, musical, physical etc.

Our Pre-school takes up the ground floor of the main building and caters for 59 children. This comprises of Big school (3 plus years of age) and Little school (2.5 to 3 years of age). The Big and Little school in-corporates "The Early Years Foundation Stage" into their planning. 

Pre SchoolPre School

The Unit is always busy with painting and collage activities as well as sand and water play. Children are given the opportunity to choose activities which also include the library, computers, imaginative play, construction equipment and music base.

The Interactive White Board is used effectively each day, incorporating all the developmental learning areas.  Activities range from using the latest Literacy, Numeracy, Art & Design and even Music compilations applications.

Our curriculum is child-centered and builds on the children's own ideas and interests. One of our projects involved new born animals - an idea which was inspired by a visit to the farm. The children created paintings, collages and clay models of a variety of new born animals.

Children are also given an opportunity to learn French.  The children are taught in small groups by a Bilingual Speech Therapist who makes the sessions fun & enjoyable.

Parents' Evenings provide a chance to review a child's progress. Our continuous assessments and samples of the children's work from their time with us form the basis of discussion. Parents can look in depth at our literacy and numeracy programmes, Memory Book and other aspects of The Early Years Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum.

We believe that learning should be fun and should be a natural part of everyday life. We encourage children's interest in reading, writing, numbers and information technology. Our aim is to form a base for successful learning which will last for life.

As a nursery registered with OFSTED, we are subject to regular reviews by OFSTED, the Government's central agency to monitor standards in care and education. We would like to share some extracts from our last OFSTED Inspection report which was rated 'Outstanding' :
"The children's progress, particularly in speaking and listening and the ability to concentrate, is impressive for their ages."
"The teaching in the nursery is of a very high quality."
"The staff team work well together and have an energetic, enthusiastic and professional approach to teaching."
"The children are clearly happy, secure, well motivated and eager to learn."
"Children try new experiences, waiting patiently and being quite captivated by the use of the Interactive White Board. "
"Good use is made of the Birth to Three Matters and the Foundation Stage for planning. "
"Children are well nourished and enjoy the healthy diet offered. "
"Physical development is strong with babies and toddlers encouraged and supported to crawl and walk. "
"Excellent teaching skills and an open partnership with parents promotes children's learning effectively."
"The strong leadership and management ensures the staff continually monitor and review practice in the setting, always promoting good care and learning. "


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