About Us

Russell Nursery School was established in 1987. The current General information about our nursery:

•    Registered for 116 children aged from 0 - 8 years.
•    Open from 7.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.
•    Nursery Education Grants for 3 and 4 year olds.
•    Qualified teacher on the staff.
•    Early years curriculum for all ages.
•    Computer access for all children.
•    Interactive Whiteboard for children.
•    Out of school care for children of primary school age.

About us


The nursery is registered with OFSTED and therefore is subjected to regular reviews, the Government's central agency to monitor standards in care and education.

We would like to share some extracts from our last OFSTED Inspection report which was rated ‘Outstanding’ :
“The children's progress, particularly in speaking and listening and the ability to concentrate, is impressive for their ages.”
“The teaching in the nursery is of a very high quality.”
“The staff team work well together and have an energetic, enthusiastic and professional approach to teaching.”
“The children are clearly happy, secure, well motivated and eager to learn.”
“ Children try new experiences, waiting  patiently and being quite captivated by the use of the Interactive White Board. ”
“ Good use is made of the Birth to Three Matters and the Foundation Stage for planning. ”
“ Children are well nourished and enjoy the healthy diet offered. ”
“ Physical development is strong with babies and toddlers encouraged and supported to crawl and walk. ”
“Excellent teaching skills and an open partnership with parents promotes children's learning effectively.”
“ The strong leadership and management ensures the staff continually monitor and review practice in the setting, always promoting good care and learning. ”